US-China Science and Technology Forum

CAST-USA 2011 Annual Convention

主办: 中国旅美科技协会

承办: 中国旅美科技协会北卡分会

General Organizer/Host: CAST-USA

Executive Organizer/Host: CAST-NC

Organizing Committee

Co-Chairs of Organizing Committee
Fang, Tong 方 彤 CAST-USA President
Pang, Tao 庞 涛 CAST-NC President
Zeng, Daniel 曾大军 CAST-USA BOG Chair
Lu, Qiang 陆 强 CAST-USA BOD Chair
Sheng, Xiaoming 盛晓明 CAST-USA President-Elect
Organizing Committee Members
Guo, Xuguang 郭旭光 CAST-NC Executive VP, CAST-USA VP for Fundraising
Huang, Weishi 黄伟师 CAST-NC Board Chair
Chen, Owen 陈剑文 CAST-NC VP
Zhang, Wesley 张晓宇 CAST-NC VP
Lou, Yu 娄 玉 CAST-NC VP
Huang, Jingfan 黄景凡 CAST-NC Board
Hu, Yumimg 胡玉明 CAST-NC Secretary General
CAI, Yiqiang 蔡逸强 CAST-USA VP for Acadmic
Chen, ZhiXiong 陈志雄 CAST-USA VP for Conference
Wang, Yang 汪 洋 CAST-USA VP for Administrative Affairs
Guo, Guang 郭 光 CAST-USA VP for Publication
Jiang, Weimin 蒋为民 CAST-USA VP for Public Relations
Hu, Jin 胡 进 CAST-USA VP for Membership
Shen, Qi 沈 琦 CAST-USA VP for Communication
Kong, Chaoxiang 孔超翔 CAST-USA VP for East Regional Activities
Yu, Hao 于 浩 CAST-USA VP for Mid-West Regional Activities