Tony Wang, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tony Wang received his BS degree in Biochemistry from Jilin University and graduate school training from Peking Union Medical College. In 1982, He participated in China-US Biochemistry Exchange Program and received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 1987 from Indiana University, School of Medicine. His postdoctoral training was mentored by Dr. E.G. Krebs, Nobel Prize Winner of medicine in 1992, at HHMI and University of Washington from 1988-1990.

He took a faculty position as Research Assistant Professor at Indiana University, School of Medicine in 1990 before joined Glaxo in 1993. During 1993-2008, Tony worked on metabolic diseases drug discovery at GSK with increased responsibilities, holding positions as Senior Scientist, Research Investigator, Senior Research Investigator, Group Manager. He Joined Roche Pharmaceutical R&D Center in china as Head of Metabolic Diseases in 2008 to establish a new diabetes biology group and in charge of drug discovery programs. In 2010, Tony joined Kunming Biomedical International (KBI), a CRO company specializing non-human primate based preclinical services, as Chief Technology Officer. During his carrier in metabolic drug discovery, he has initiated and led many innovative projects and led the teams to advance 2 compounds into human clinical development.