Wang Guangfa is chairman and president of Fazheng Group; chairman and headmaster of Beijing Royal School (the flagship of Fazheng Group’s education business); chairman of Beijing Royal Integrative Medicine Hospital; and president of Beijing New Century Research Institute for Multinational Corporations.
Earlier this year, Mr. Wang was recognized as one of the top 60 educators in the 60-year history of the P.R.C. (in a survey, conducted by, of leaders and experts in China’s education industry; Ministry of Education officials; and foreign diplomats). He has also been recognized by China’s Ministry of Education as one of China’s outstanding leaders in the field of private education, and by NetEase as one of the top ten pioneers in China’s education industry. He is passionately committed to the reform of China’s education sector and to the development of the human resource-based economy of China’s future. He has been recognized by the Beijing municipal government as one of the outstanding entrepreneurs in Beijing, and has received many other awards relating to his activities in business; his financial support for the development of China’s education industry and legal system; and his charitable contributions.
In order to promote strategic collaboration with the schools/universities here in the RTP, he, jointly with the Carolina Educational Consulting, has established an office here in RTP called “RTP China Connection”. This office’s primary goal is to develop mutually beneficial joint projects among NCSU, UNC, Duke, and local business, to enhance and enrich the culture understanding for students in China and USA. Currently, he has MOUs with UNC School of Education, UNC School of Government, NCSU School of Education, Duke Law School, and Duke TIP program. These MOUs range from short term teachers/students exchange programs to MS degree related study for Chinese teachers/students in NCSU and UNC; internship Chinese and US teachers; Chinese high school students attending credit course study in UNC, etc.
王广发,中国政法大学法学博士,北京法政集团董事长、总裁,北京王府学校董事长、校长,北京景山实验学校董事长。兼任中国总会计师协会副会长、中国法律援助基金会常务理事、首都经济研究会副会长、中国社会科学院特邀研究员、中国人民武装警察部队北京指挥学院名誉院长、外交学院董事、首都经贸大学、中国政法大学、清华大学客座教授、首都经济研究会副会 长、北京市工商联执委、北京新世纪跨国公司研究院院长、北京社会科学院特邀研究员、海峡两岸法学交流促进会副理事长、商务部研究院国际经贸关系研究部跨国公司研究中心顾问等职务。 2009年11月,被网易中国教育频道评为“教育产业十大领军人物”。2010年1月,被搜狐网评为“60年60人教育成就奖”。2010年11月,被评为“全国民办教育先进工作者”。
1993年创办北京法政集团,1996开始将企业经营所得投入办教育,创办北京景山实验学校,在基础教育领域取得一定成绩后,2003 年创办北京王府学校。坚持用国际教育视野来办教育事业,持续引进国际优质教育资源,设立英国“剑桥国际教育/考试中心”,美国“PSAT/AP考试中心”,开设剑桥高中A-LEVEL、美国AP、AEOP国际课程,开展AP、SAT、雅思、新托福培训,建成目前中国最大新托福考点,拥有30万册图书且 覆盖无线网络的大型图书馆,全面实施教育国际化课程,培养符合现代化发展趋势的国际复合型人才。学生在本校参加英美大学入学考试,历届毕业生就读于英国剑 桥、帝国理工、美国麻省理工、明尼苏达大学、威斯康辛、加拿大多伦多、香港中文等世界名校。王府学校被评为北京市“公众满意度最高的十大教育品牌之一”, 成为中国学生走进世界名校的绿色通道。