US-China Science & Technology Forum

CAST-USA 19th Annual Convention

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

May 28-29, 2011

主办: 中国旅美科技协会

承办: 中国旅美科技协会北卡分会

General Organizer/Host: CAST-USA

Executive Organizer/Host: CAST-NC

The forum will focus on the broad opportunities we are facing in U.S.-China collaboration in science and technology development, particularly in the fields of biomedical science and technologies, environmental protection and policy, and information science and technology. We will hear keynote speeches and panel discussions addressing these topics throughout the forum.

CAST-USA was founded in 1992 with a primary purpose to promote a stronger partnership between the United States and China in sciences and technology exchange and business developments. The association consists of thousands of scholars and scientists with roots in China but also advanced degrees, mostly doctorates, now working in the United States. Hundreds of members across the country are expected to attend this annual gathering of many of America’s best and hardest working talents.

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