CAST-AZ is the Arizona chapter of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology. Established in 1997, CAST-AZ currently has about 75 members, mostly in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, representing Chinese scientists and engineers working in academia, industry, and government agencies, as well as graduate students from China studying in two prominent Universities in Arizona, the University of Arizona located in Tucson and the Arizona State University in Tempe/Phoenix.

Following the main missions of CAST-USA, CAST-AZ has been sponsoring and actively participating in various events aimed at (a) promoting intellectual exchanges and research collaboration among CAST-AZ members, (b) helping to increase visibility of CAST-AZ members in U.S., China, and international professional circles, (c) facilitating communications between CAST-AZ members and Chinese government agencies, research and educational institutions, and business enterprises for career advancement and business opportunities, and (d) advocating and facilitating the understanding of Chinese perspectives among the political leaders and the general public in the State of Arizona in arenas such as political and cultural ones.

In the past few years, CAST-AZ members have played a major role in organizing and running several international academic conferences in the areas of Digital Libraries, Homeland Security and Security Informatics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Neuroprosthetics, and Biomedical and Complex Medical Engineering. CAST-AZ has been instrumental in promoting research done by CAST-AZ members through facilitating conference sponsorship and securing publication outlets. In addition, CAST-AZ is actively pursing projects that will bring in cutting-edge research and related international discussion forums in critical areas such as Security Informatics, Neural Interface Technologies and Advanced Neuroprosthetics to the Chinese research circles through major international professional organizations such as the IEEE and ICME. Besides its informal annual meetings aimed at establishing a social context to introducing new members and promoting communications among all of its members, CAST-AZ has also sponsored several targeted gatherings to assist its members to identify business opportunities in both U.S. and China, especially in the Information Technology area. In 2009, CAST-AZ helped to bring an international conference to Tempe that invited several hundred scientists and engineers from China, Japan and several Asia-pacific countries to discuss complex and challenging medical engineering problems. CAST-AZ also has close ties with various Chinese agencies and research institutions including the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and several major universities, and has been serving as a bridge between these Chinese entities and CAST-AZ members for various collaborative projects, benefiting both research and development activities in China and CAST-AZ members’ careers.

In the future, CAST-AZ will continue its activities in all these areas. It will also broaden its leadership and participation in various technical and business-related activities in the Biotechnology, renewable energy and sustainability areas.

CAST-AZ Leadership Team

Current President: Jiping He
Past President: Daniel Zeng
VP for Technical Activities: W. H. Lin
VP for Financial Activities: David Chao
VP for Membership Activities: L. F. Li
Secretary and VP for Administrative Affairs: Greg Lai
BOD Members: J. He, D. Zeng, W. H. Lin, D. Chao, L. F. Li, G. Lai, L. Zhao, F. Wang, Z. Jiang, J. Li, N. Zhan.

Past Presidents

2003-04 Daniel Zeng
2002 Lizhi Yang
2001 Xiaobo Shi
2000 Robert Huang
1999 Joe Zhou
1997-98 Fei-Yue Wang